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Spiritual powers that underlie the rise of Trump -part 3: evidence of the influence of the demonic spirits of chaos

In the first installment in this series, I laid out the background in spiritual warfare and in the second showed the pattern through which the demon of chaos has operated through Hitler. In this installment I will show evidence that this demon is at work. Keep in mind that full proof of this requires spiritual discernment into the nature of spiritual warfare. No article can produce conclusive proof. The reader will need to prayerfully seek God for wisdom and confirmation through the Holy Spirit. What this article can do is to document correlations to the involvement of demonic princes of chaos. One such correlation involves documentation of the involvement of the occult in the Trump campaign and/or administration. This article will document that both the occultists who practice chaos magick  have provided significant support for Trump and that there is significant influence of occult narratives. These networks and these narratives support Trump, play a significant role in his base, and shape significantly the public perception of him and his policies. While there is no direct evidence that Trump is a practitioner of chaos magick, these groups exercise influence significant enough to suggest that one or more demonic spirits of chaos control  and operate through the administration of Trump's government.

There is substantial support for Trump by occultists using "chaos magick." There has emerged a "Cult of Kek." The Cult of Kek has revived worship of the ancient Egyptian deity Kek. Kek is considered a god of chaos in Egyptian mythology who is represented as a man with a frogs head1. This cult is very popular among those in the alt-right, which is a sanitized name for nationalists and Neo-nazi types. Those on the alt-right who worship Kek have co-opted Pepe the Frog and projected his image onto Donald Trump. This is more than slick marketing. essential to chaos magick is to create images or sigls that are believed to possess magical powers. In chaos magick it is believed that one can project their will onto others through propagation of these images. These guys believe that through propagation of Pepe/Trump memes they are working magic that projects the essence and power of Kek onto Trump, turning him onto a ruler of chaos2. These meme-making occultists are a significant part of the alt-right, and the alt-right is a significant part of Trump's base3 Specifically, Steve Bannon, who  was Donald Trump's campaign manager and is now Senior Counsel4  has been a major influence on Trump, often succeeding on coaxing him into agreeing to very controversial policies suitable to the alt-right5.

Bannon's influence is such that some commentators wonder if Trump is Bannon's puppet6. The manipulation of Trump  by Bannon is likely more than just psychological manipulation. Bannon, it seems, hold to the same worldview as the occultist operatives in the cult of Kek. Bannon has told people that he believes "darkness is good" and praises Satan and Darth Vader, believing them to be good role models

" 'Darkness is good,' says Bannon, who amid the suits surrounding him at Trump Tower, looks like a graduate student in his T-shirt, open button-down and tatty blue blazer — albeit a 62-year-old graduate student. "Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power. It only helps us when they" — I believe by "they" he means liberals and the media, already promoting calls for his ouster — "get it wrong. When they're blind to who we are and what we're doing."
On that precise point, The New York Times, in a widely circulated article, will describe this day at Trump Tower as a scene of "disarray" for the transition team. In fact, it's all hands on: Mike Pence, the vice president-elect and transition chief, and Reince Priebus, the new chief of staff, shuttling between full conference rooms; Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law and by many accounts his closest adviser, conferring in the halls; Sen. Jeff Sessions in and out of meetings on the transition team floor; Rudy Giuliani upstairs with Trump (overheard: "Is the boss meeting-meeting with Rudy or just shooting the shit?"), and Bannon with a long line of men and women outside his corner office. If this is disarray, it's a peculiarly focused and organized kind.

It's the Bannon theme, the myopia of the media — that it tells only the story that confirms its own view, that in the end it was incapable of seeing an alternative outcome and of making a true risk assessment of the political variables — reaffirming the Hillary Clinton camp's own political myopia. This defines the parallel realities in which liberals, in their view of themselves, represent a morally superior character and Bannon — immortalized on Twitter as a white nationalist, racist, anti-Semite thug — the ultimate depravity of Trumpism.
The focus on Bannon, if not necessarily the description, is right. He's the man with the idea. If Trumpism is to represent something intellectually and historically coherent, it's Bannon's job to make it so. In this, he could not be a less reassuring or more confusing figure for liberals — fiercely intelligent and yet reflexively drawn to the inverse of every liberal assumption and shibboleth."7.
Bannon upholds the occult narrative, specifically referring to darkness, Satan , and Darth Vader as "power." Bannon is positioning himself as a ruler of chaos, a master of the political dark arts8. Simply meaning that Bannon  uses psychological manipulation, chaos, and propaganda to manipulate people. The presence of the dark arts in Trump's life even extends to literally hypnotizing people during his speaking engagements9.

There is a theme in the occult that enshrines darkness and chaos as a positive engine of change. The phrase "ordo ab chao" is often used to describe this10.   It literally means 'order out of chaos' and describes the use of chaos to manipulate events to herd people into systems of centralized control like the New World Order/Mystery Babylon11. The occult thinking behind the concept of chaos as a positive engine of change is related to the metaphysics common  in occultic and Pagan religions. In Mystery Babylon rising, I document that both Greek and Babylon creation myths depict first generation gods emerging out of darkness leading to chaos caused by rebellious children overthrowing them which led to third and fourth generation descendants overthrowing the rulers of chaos. Chaos is depicted in these stories as simply part of the order of life12.

The idea of chaos as simply a positive engine of change has bled over into some Evangelical interpretations of Trump. Lance Wallnau, one of the architects of the Seven Mountain movement and regarded as a prophet buy followers of that movement, has repeatedly told people that Trump is "God's Chaos Candidate13."

Wallnau has simply suborned the occult concept of chaos magick and wrapped it in Christian sounding terminology. The Biblical conception of chaos is that of evil and judgment. There are no positive references to chaos or ts synonyms  in scripture. Chaos is seen as a judgment or a symptom of evil in a Biblical worldview. The Bible bluntly says that God is NOT the author of confusion(1 Cor 14:33). In referring to Trump as a chaos candidate or wrecking ball, Evangelicals are unwittingly affirming an occult narrative, and in doing so have opened doors for demonic spirits of chaos to act.

In conclusion  it is apparent that there are demonic princes of chaos that are at work in America, bringing in chaos as a weapon of manipulation. If Trump is controlled by such spirits, he will make a huge mess of things and will set the stage by which the template of manipulation described in  part 2 is executed. A disastrous Trump administration could result in a world where Christians and Israel are wanted DEAD by everyone else, where liberty is a dirty word, where most people believe that one world government and a one world false church are considered both essential to security and worthy of worship, and where Islamists are a privileged group. A disastrous Trump presidency could produce ideal conditions for the emergence of the dragonous beast and the Antichrist. The next article concerns how we are to respond to this using spiritual warfare.

8 While this commentator is referring only to political manipulation, this still could opens up doors to the
   occult.  In 1 Sam 15, we are presented a picture where Saul refused to follow the Lord's command and
  repeatedly used manipulation to cover it up. It was this manipulation that Samuel referred to as like

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