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Spiritual powers that underlie the rise of Trump -part 2: the template of the demonic prince of chaos

Continued from part 1

A demonic prince of chaos has manifested himself on the world stage at least give times in history. This manifestation would leave a specific global pattern. This demonic spirit would herald the rise of a nation that would reek havoc on other nations during the reign of a single governmental administration. After the reign of this single leader would end, the nation would rapidly decline. However, the chaos caused by the world leader empowered by this demon prince of chaos would would create an opportunity to change the historical paradigm on a global scale.

At the beginning of the primary campaign the Lord revealed to me that Trump was controlled and empowered by the same spirit that controlled Hitler. Hitler was empowered by a demonic spirit of chaos. This demon creates chaos in order to level the playing field so that a new order can emerge out of the chaos. Adolf Hitler's reign fulfills a specific pattern. Hitler created extreme chaos on a global level for only  a short time, but set the stage for  a global paradigm change. There are four things that happened in the aftermath of Hitler's reign of terror that have shaped the world into the configuration we see today.
  1.  Because the German Church so closely identified itself with Hitler, most of post-WW2 Europe became post-Christian. Europeans blamed Christianity for Hitler and resist attempts at Evangelism or even civil conversation. Many, many Europeans see Christianity as a menace that needs to be contained and Christians as a group that needs to be marginalized for the safety and welfare of the public.
  2. The massive bloodshed of WW2 led many to believe that the world needs a global order. In this environment both the United Nations and what became the European Union were created.  National sovereignty and nationalism of all stripes became a dirty word. God created different nationalities to make it more difficult to create a world religion that was opposed  to God that was started at Babel. The resurrection of a global order via the United Nations has the same end-game as the attempt to create a world religion at Babel. I document in chapter 12 of Mystery Babylon Rising that the United Nations was created to promote a spiritual agenda that is opposed to God - a one world church.
  3. Because of the fear of escalating violence, an opening was found to replace liberty, particularly freedom of speech, with politician correctness. political correctness games the definition of tolerance to turn it into a weapon to marginalize viewpoints that the elites find unacceptable. Herbert Marcuse wrote Repressive Tolerance, which was a treatise on how to use the concept of tolerance as a weapon of intolerance.
  4. Because the Jews suffered horribly, were the primary targets of genocide, and because the nations of the world failed to do anything to protect them; guilt welled up which created an opening to grant favor to the Jews. This open up the door for the creation of the Jewish state in Israel. The Lord used this to  begin fulfillment of prophecy concerning the restoration of Israel. Satan is also using this to advance his agenda as Jerusalem will become the spiritual capital of the Antichrist as he sits in the temple of God claiming to be God (Daniel 8:11-14;9:27; Matthew 24:15; 2 Thessalonians 2:4).

These four consequences of the aftermath of Hitler have set the stage for the world we now live in. This is the work of a conspiracy of  demonic spirits of chaos. This is a demonic, and possibly human, conspiracy. There is great potential for Trump to fulfill this same template. If Trump does things that lead to disaster like round up Mexicans and Muslims to put them in camps, incite Israel to nuke Damascus, manage to get the United States power grid taken out in an ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, or other things on a similar scale to these; a Trump Presidency can backfire on those who are tied too closely to him in a manner similar to that which happened when Hitler became a disaster. A disastrous Trump Presidency controlled by the same demon prince of chaos that controlled Hitler would produce this same four-consequent pattern.

  1. Because American white Evangelical Christians have tied themselves strongly to Trump, Christians will be blamed on a disastrous Trump Presidency. The haters of Christianity will not care that many Christians were never Trumpers during the election campaign or that American white Evangelical Christian Trump supporters are a very small subset of all the Christians on planet earth. A sufficiently disastrous Trump Presidency will open the door to paint Christianity as a global menace that must be eradicated and whose eradication must be top priority.
  2. There are several possible endgames of a Trump Presidency that might cost millions of lives. If Trump rounds up millions of Mexicans and Muslims as his answer to the problems of immigration and terrorism, then that will cost millions of lives. It would also become a route eerily close to that of Hitler. If Trump continues the warmongering ways of recent American Presidents, then we could get an EMP attack that could kill upwards to 280 million Americans. If Trump eggs on a hawkish Israeli government to nuke Damascus in a future confrontation, then we would have the biggest international brouhaha since WW2.
  3. Should these worse case scenarios happen, it would result in an escalation of violence and death never before seen on the earth. The New World Order will use this as an opportunity to blame freedom and nationalism. They will argue that only an all powerful global government can provide safety and security. They will blame "extremism" for this. Under the guise of combating extremism they will set up a one world church to complement the one world government and will require everyone to participate only in religious activities under this umbrella.  This will be a segue to the Antichrist who will claim to be god on earth.
  4. As Jews were afforded special opportunities due to being the primary targets of genocide, if Trump genocides Muslims then Muslims will get this status in a post-Trump world. This could open the door for a world leader to emerge as the Islamic Mahdi and take power as the Secretary-General of the United Nations with the support of ten Islamist nations.
The preceding scenarios are the worst case scenario of a Trump Presidency. While these will not necessarily happen, these scenarios are far more likely - highly likely -  if Trump is controlled by the same demon prince of chaos that controlled Hitler. The next installment will present evidence that Trump is indeed controlled by the same demonic prince of chaos that controlled Hitler.

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