Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Will the Government Exploit the Boston Bombings?

The recent Boston bombing weighs heavily in the minds of many people right now. Currently, investigators have detained a Saudi national as a person of interest, raising the specter that this is another instance of Islamist terrorism.   There is emerging pattern in recent years: the government lies in wait for opportunities to exploit tragedies in their gambit to either increase their own power or marginalize political enemies.   When the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred in 1995, it provided an opportunity for Hillary Clinton to promote her vast right wing conspiracy theory. An all out witch-hunt was done on conservatives to attempt to tie the entire Conservative movement to terrorism.   In September 2001, terrorists brought down the World Trade Center. The government response was the Patriot Act, which would have done nothing to stop 911 but has successfully gutted the fourth amendment.   Earlier this year a tragic shooting in Newtown, CT occurred. The result is an all out blitz to increase gun control.   Should this turn out to be Islamist terrorism, this will provide the government an opportunity to wage war against religious freedom. A new narrative has been emerging on Islamist terrorism over the past five years: terrorism is the result of religious extremism. Religious extremism is defined as exclusivism. What this means is that if you believe your religion is truer than others, you are an extremist.  
Globalists like Obama, the UN alliance of Civilizations, the Doha Debates and Karen Armstrong want the government to control all religion. Armstrong, in particular wants to set up an organization that will serve as an arbiter of religious belief.