Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Coming Ten-Horned Islamist Empire

In 1918 the Ottoman Empire Fell. The fall of the Ottoman Empire marked for the first time in centuries that the Middle East was not united by an empire. Every empire that has ruled the Middle East since the days of Muhammad was either an Islamic empire or became Islamic later.

Ever since 1918 Islamists have wanted to restore the Caliphate or Islamic Empire. The nations of the West, however, thought that to be dangerous. The West, particularly Britain sought to stack the deck before giving these nations independence and then support any regime friendly to the West, regardless of their evil behavior. 

In recent decades the point man in this strategy was Saddam Hussein. His rise to power was supported by western powers. When he warred with Islamist Iran the West supported him because they did not want to see the reemergence of an Islamic Empire. When Saddam invaded Kuwait however he became dangerous to Western interests. However President Bush 1 still saw him as useful in containing Islamist imperial tendencies in Iran.

Saddam  Hussien is no longer in power. His absence has destabilized the balance of power in the Middle East. The majority of people in Iraq are on the same page as Iran's Islamist regime. If they took control of Iraq and Iraq and Iran became allies then and Iraq-Iran coalition could destabilize other nations over there, enabling Islamist radicals to take power and set up a so-called Islamic Empire .

Add to this mix a palestinian state controlled by Islamists and the entire Middle East except Israel falls to Islamist control. When this happens the Islamist nations will be ripe to follow a charismatic Islamist leader as their Mahdi, who will unite the Islamist world.

Europe will fall as well. As I write riots caused by Islamists have overtaken France. As Jesus said if the fire is kindled while the tree is green what will happen when it is dry. When the Middle East falls and unites under a ' Mahdi ', then Islamist rioting and terrorism in Europe will bring the European Union under the Islamist yoke.

When will this happen? As soon as we pull out of Iraq. If we do not stay long enough for a democracy to become strong enough to repel the Islamist nuts then they will set up an Evil Empire more dangerous than the Soviet Union. The balance of power globally will shift to them. If Russia, Europe and the Middle East unites under a unified Islamist control then The war on Terrorism will be over with the terrorists winning. America will be forced to come to the table with the terrorists-with terrorists holding most of the cards.

The Likely scenario is that the next President of the United States, probably now Sen Hillary Clinton, will order a swift withdrawal of troops from Iraq, possibly paving the way for the rise of the beast system (Rev 13)

There are to be several installment to this theme to that political Islamism and Radical Islamist extremism will play a critical role in the beast system. The more I research into this the more I am convinced that an emerging Islamist European Union reaching from Spain to Pakistan will be the ten horns that empowers the beast empire described in Revelation 13